Frequently asked questions about the cleaning process of the automotive air conditioning system with airco well®

Yes, the pressure tank should definitely be emptied after each use.

1 liter of airco well® 994 hygienic cleaner for air conditioners is required per evaporator (corresponds to a whole bottle).

  • Empty the pressure cup after use and allow it to air out.
  • Lubricate the thread of the pressure cup and the air control piston behind the actuating lever with silicone grease after each cleaning.
  • Fill the airco well® pressure cup gun only with airco well® 994 hygiene cleaner for air conditioning systems.

The cleaning liquid drains to the outside via the air conditioner's condensation drain located below the evaporator. In most vehicles, the outlet is located behind the right front wheel in the direction of the center of the vehicle.

As long as there is still cleaning liquid in the pressure cup, the probe vibrates when the trigger of the pressure cup gun is activated.

TUNAP specifies that electrically powered vehicles must always be disconnected from the high-voltage mains by an authorized person before cleaning begins.

Yes, it is necessary to start the engine immediately after cleaning and turn the blower to the highest setting with the air conditioning off to allow the evaporator to dry for about ten minutes.

No, before starting the cleaning process, a suitable container (e.g. drip pan) should be placed under the vehicle's condensation drain. Then spray the cleaning liquid through the evaporator for about 10 seconds and then check whether the liquid drains to the outside via the condensation drain. If this is not the case, stop cleaning the evaporator and clean the drain hose until the cleaning liquid drains.

Scientific studies commissioned by TUNAP have shown that an air conditioning evaporator cleaning with the airco well® system should take 45 minutes. Depending on the qualification of the user and the design of the air conditioning system, the cleaning time can be much shorter.

No, to avoid confusion, we recommend the exclusive use of the approved airco well® pressure cup gun with the original probes for the airco well® application. Also, do not use any other cleaning fluids in the airco well® pressure cup gun.

Yes, the probe can be straightened again using a vice, for example.

TUNAP recommends cleaning the air conditioning evaporator every time you change the pollen filter. Independent studies show that a complete air conditioning cleaning is recommended every year.

No, because there is a risk of getting too far into the vehicle interior with the probe and contaminating it with the cleaner.


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