Become an airco well® partner

Become an airco well® partner

Win new customers and increase your sales as an airco well® partner workshop.

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Information for airco well® partner workshops

Here you can find information about our service for our airco well® partner workshops and the area of application. Here you will find information you need for cleaning your air conditioning system, including questions and answers about the pollen filter and evaporator, the cleaning process, and the health and environmental compatibility of airco well®. We also offer detailed instructions on cleaning - in the form of application videos and step-by-step instructions.

Das airco well® Klimaanlagen Reinigungssystem

The airco well® air conditioning cleaning system

Air conditioning systems do not have to be a breeding ground for microorganisms. For years, certified automotive workshops around the world have been cleaning car air conditioning systems with airco well®. See for yourself: Every day, airco well® proves anew that healthy air in cars is possible and that harmful rotting caused by bacteria and mold can be avoided.

Our air conditioning cleaning process:

  • Prevents the formation of unpleasant odors
  • Is biocide-free and therefore safe for the environment and health
  • Is free of allergy-causing dyes and fragrances and is ECARF-certified
  • Is certified by TÜV Thüringen
  • Complies with VDI/ZDK guideline 6032 for regular cleaning of the air conditioning system

New airco well Tool

Innovative pollen filter box cleaning with our new airco well® tool

The new 998 hygiene cleaner pollen filter box tool ensures thorough cleaning of the pollen filter box every time the cabin air filter is changed.

Thanks to a special foam technology, the cleaning cloth is optimally wetted and effectively removes microorganisms such as bacteria, pollen, germs and fungi, while the air conditioning components are protected - the perfect solution for hygienically clean air in the vehicle!